Gillett Square Multi-media

A multi-media piece on the Gillett square documentary project using interviews and original music.

In 1999 The Hackney Cooperative Developments Trust designated the Gillett Square car park the proposed site of a new town square for this corner of  east London.  The final completion of the square in 2006 was seen as a model of community led regeneration,  involving a three way partnership between the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Gillett Square was born out of a genuinely consultative process and yet there are those with deep roots in the local area who miss the camaraderie of the old car park.  They are often amongst the most vulnerable in the area and are likely to have a history of alcoholism, drug abuse, homelessness or mental illness. Many play a daily game of cat and mouse with the police and community support officers who ask them to dispose of any alcohol.  Despite this antagonism, they seem stubbornly attached to the spot they have known for over 20 years. 

These residents have few material possessions but they do have each other.  This photo essay attempts to describe their experiences in the square and the mutual support they offer each other.